What you need to know BEFORE you hire Trinity Carpentry!  Save yourself countless hours of headache and heartache by being an informed consumer.  CAVEAT EMPTOR!

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Hiring a contractor is always a trying and scarey experience for the consumer.  It is even more daunting a process when this is your second home here in Florida and you are not able to supervise the daily progress of the project!  This website is designed to provide the consumer with factual information concerning Trinity Carpentry LLC and its proprietor Mr. Dennis Tome.  As I develop this website I will provide photographs, timelines, copies of correspondence and resources so that you- the consumer- may make an educated decision based upon facts instead of the overinflated hype and empty promises that have become the basis of the working relationship between contractor and customer.  I will also be soliciting your experiences and commentary.  Look for more to come!
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